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We invite you to contact us anytime to discuss your next construction project, and look forward to hearing from you.  Above and to the left are details about our industry and the services we offer, and below is a brief summary of Construction Managers & Consultants, Inc. itself:


Established by Tommy Starkey in 1987, Construction Managers & Consultants, Inc. has experience in a wide variety of projects.  Tommy, is a licensed general contractor in the states of Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas.  The list of references and significant jobs is provided for your review.


Construction Managers and Consultants, Inc. is currently finishing it's most recent project, an $18 million cosmetics plant for J. Strickland Co in Olive Brand, MS.  Tommy has been the General Contractor for the project which has taken approximately twenty four months.


Our target range of projects is from $100,000 to $20 million.  We will work on projects that fall outside that range, and we frequently do.  Tommy has been involved in many renovation projects as well as "from the ground up".


The secret to Tommy's success has been the management of cost and paying attention to details, especially those details relating to the sub-contractors.  This has allowed him to complete the projects in a timely fashion and within allotted budgets.


Recently, Tommy has been involved in the development of an industrial complex in Memphis, TN called Gold Creek Crossing and at the Pickwick resort area of Spring Hollow Subdivision - West Shore.  At Gold Creek Crossing there are parcels available for almost any type of industrial use, and at Spring Hollow, lots for resort homes.


Finally, the goal that has been established by Tommy for Construction Managers & Consultants, Inc. is not that unusual.  It is simply to make sure that is clients are completely satisfied.  He has been able to accomplish that goal - evidenced by the testimony of repeat business.


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