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Construction Consulting Services





  1. Review with Owner, his needs, goals and requirements.

  2. Review these requirements with the Owner at a meeting with the architects, and engineers.

  3. Review throughout the design phase for conformance with the Owner’s requirements within the scope of the agreement and recommend economies consistent with these requirements and sound construction practice.

  4. Assist the Owner and architects in reviewing the requirements of governmental agencies and any other agencies having jurisdiction and advise on the cost impact of these requirements and suggest possible alternates.

  5. Prepare a trade by trade cost estimate based on schematic plans and update this estimate periodically as the plans develop.

  6. Advise the architects and the Owner during the preparation of the drawings for conformance to the Owner’s requirements and advise further with respect to availability and price of the materials; merits of alternative systems; avoidance of jurisdictional disputes; practicability of details; extent of off-site prefabrication.

  7. Assist the Owner and architects in the preparation of Special Conditions and General Conditions for the project with specific emphasis on Construction phasing and construction sequencing, to minimize effect on existing operations.

  8. Provide a construction schedule for the inclusion of the bid documents and develop for the Owner a cost value for each activity based upon the schedule for use in preparing a forecast.

  9. Recommend to the Owner the type of bidding procedure which will be most effective with consideration for schedule, cost and financing authorities requirements. Recommend bid packaging, unit, prices, alternates for inclusion in the final documents.

  10. Recommend potential bidders.

  11. Provide a final cost estimate prior to the issuance of bid documents and aid in a cost analysis. During the bidding period receive, tabulate and forward to the architect all inquiries of bidders, together with recommendations of action to be taken regarding the same. The architect will prepare all necessary addenda and issue same.

  12. Tabulate, analyze, and evaluate all bids and make appropriate recommendations to the Owner regarding contract awards.


  1. Consult with successful contractors in interpreting the contract document, reviewing for possibilities of economies and credits in the execution of these contracts.

  2. Consult with the Owner and contractors on the execution of the contracts.

  3. Review the schedules and construction procedures and staging operations submitted by the contractors and advise the Owner thereon.

  4. Monitor the construction process with regard to the schedules and procedures established and assist and make recommendations for maintaining and improving construction progress.

  5. Help establish with the Owner a procedure with regard to the processing of the contractor’s periodic payment requests.

  6. Review these payment requests and advise the Owner thereon.

  7. Assist the Owner and the architect in the resolution of field problems.

  8. Review and advise the Owner of all changes to the work required by the Owner with regard to cost and impact on the construction schedule.

  9. Review and advise the form with which changes to the work are to be authorized.

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